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Tartare from grilled watermelon-, tomato-, pepper-gazpacho 

with fine herbs and olive oil pearls


North sea crab, scallop with citron oil, 

rhubarb, mango, pitaya and papaya


(optional) ENTREMETS

Ravioli filled with spicy prawn, 

sundried tomatoes espuma, Parmesan cheese and lovage



Grilled Doradefilet with fishcake, beurre blanc, sea-vegetables,

green pea’s and asparagus


Breast filet and confit stomach from the duck

with Hoisin sauce, corn and grilled lettuce



Three cheeses with nut bread

(extension to 5 cheeses + 5,-)



Strawberry Tiramisu


Sticky toffee pie and caramel

we also serve a surpise menu from 5- / 7- or 9 courses,

look at our "Euro-Toques menu" page for more info  





Of course you know Michelin? Introduced in 1900 to stimulate the use of cars and provide practical information concerning road travel, such as a manual for replacing a flat tyre, maps with petrol stations but also tips for good food and accommodation.

A major change occurred in 1926 with the introduction of the Michelin star; eateries with an exceptional kitchen and unique flavours. Yet, a quality mark for price-quality ratio was missing, leading to the introduction of the Bib Gourmand.

But do you also know the Bib Gourmand? From 1992 it indicated ‘a decent meal for a reasonable price’ in the centenary Red Guide. In 1997 this came to life in the happy features of the Michelin man: the Bib(endum) Gourmand.

Bib Gourmand is 20 years young and more than ever a gourmand in the truest sense of the word who loves restaurants with a certain vibe. An expert in finding spots that please us time and again. He has no favourite style of kitchen, he enjoys both creative inspiration as well as Asian and Mediterranean flavour sensations but it is always based in the traditional and the seasonal. He also limits the price he wants to pay for a choice menu.

Is Bib Gourmand a philosophy? He has grown up to be the prime reference concerning quality and freshness and the perfect example for young and old that good food is not necessarily an unaffordable luxury.  

The representative of an authentic, solid and mildly priced kitchen.



Give your preference:

                  including paring glass   
FIVE COURSE (incl. entrement & cheese)

50,00 6,50 half glass arrangement 3,50

FOUR COURSE (extra entrement or cheese)


THREE COURSE (starter-main-dessert)